episode 2: The Road home

Ground Zero of gentrification in South Africa is inner city Johannesburg, where more than 60,000 people live with insecure tenure or in unsafe housing.

“The Road Home” tells the story of how one community fought to keep a roof over their heads, despite seven illegal evictions over the course of six years. Midnight raids by police, emergency court hearings and the constant trauma of eviction did not break the spirit of the residents of Chung Hua Mansions. Instead, they persevered and, together with their legal team, sued the Mayor of Johannesburg, as well as the City Manager and the Director of Housing.

It was only when the Mayor and other authorities were held personally accountable, that change happened – almost immediately, decent housing was found for the families who lived in Chung Hua Mansions.

“The Road Home” is an inspiring look at how creative use of the law, together with a unified community and a dedicated legal team, can make the promises of the Constitution a reality.