EPISODE 1: IMBOKODO - The widows of marikana

What would you do if your husband was killed by police while striking for a living wage? In this powerful short film, two women, recently widowed, share their experiences of trying to get justice for the death of their husbands at the hands of the South African Police Service.

On 16 August 2012, 34 people were killed during strike action for a living wage. The day became known as the Marikana Massacre. A commission of inquiry was set up to determine who was responsible for the killings, but the families of the deceased miners were shut out of the proceedings. “Imbokodo” tells the story of how the widows, together with their legal team, fought for the right to tell their husband’s stories.

Four years later, neither the police who shot the miners nor those who ordered them to have been held accountable. There has been no official state apology to the families who lost their loved ones. “Imbokodo” is a call to action and an inspiring testament to the growing leadership of these women as they honor the memories of their husbands and demand justice.